Monday, 26 April 2010

Pronounciation, the first 46 sounds.

Ok so the good thing about Japanese is that there is very few actual sounds that you have to pronounce. So below is a little song to help with the these and follow the Hiragana and Katakana lists that I posted yesterday. The tune is very j-pop but is also annoyingly catchy, it does however help you to learn the correct pronunciation!

Below is the lyrics, written in Hiragana with my bracketed comments. This originally comes from which is a useful site I stumbled on, its free and well worth a look with some useful tools too!
ごじゅうおん を おぼえよう
gojuuon o oboeyou
Let's learn 50 sounds (although there is only 46 now?!)
mazu wa
First of all
あ ぎょう
a gyou
The a-row (Onto the syllabary same as yesterday)
a i u e o
か ぎょう
ka gyou
The ka-row
ka ki ku ke ko
さ ぎょう
sa gyou
The sa-row
sa shi su se so
た ぎょう
ta gyou
The ta-row
ta chi tsu te to
な ぎょう
na gyou
The na-row
na ni nu ne no
は ぎょう
ha gyou
The ha-row
ha hi hu he ho
ま ぎょう
ma gyou
The ma-row
ma mi mu me mo
や ぎょう
ya gyou
The ya-row
ya yu yo
ら ぎょう
ra gyou
The ra-row
ra ri ru re ro
さいごに みっつ
saigo ni mittsu
As for the last, three...
wa wo n

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