Sunday, 25 April 2010

Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. The first steps.

So I have started to learn Japanese, I figured if I blog my efforts it might make me do it a bit more regularly and help me revise also!

So anyway I found two funky shockwave snippets (from for writing in Hiragana and katakana and I thought I would share them up here for starters.
Not that I have done much with them yet but hey its the thought that counts right?!

So here is the first Japanese syllabary Hiragana, first part of learning the language is to learn these 46 characters and pronunciation. I will come to that next post.

This is Katakana the second Japanese Syllabary, this is used for non Japanese words but used in everyday language. Again I will explain more on this to come.

Finally there is a third set of characters that need to be learnt called Kanji, these are based of original Chinese characters and rather than an alphabet these are words. No way around these other than to memorise them. I wont start these just yet but will come onto them once the first two sets are comfortable.

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