Thursday, 29 April 2010

Beginning vocabulary, greetings

Ok so time to introduce some vocab, with any luck with a bit of practice you can now read some hiragana at least. I will post a few words that you can learn in both Hiragana and Romaji, the romaji is attempted to be for pronounciation so might not reflect exactly whats written in hiragana. I suggest avoiding the romaji as soon as you can though, so learn those kana!

すごい - Sugoi this means something like cool or similar. So when someone does something cool you say すごい !

くわいい - kuwaii - this means cute, although in Japan apparently lots of things are cute, not just bunny rabbits ;) So an example would be my daughter is very くわいい

So a couple of useful words to start off with, you can use these as both questions in a relaxed informal way with friends and likewise answers. Such as a friend comes around and loads up a preview video of a new game and turns to you and asks
"すごい?" You just answer

Ok next up a few greetings and killing a quick common misconception about hello.
Firstly Japanese has a couple of greetings based on time of the day, the common phrase most people know is
こんいちは - konnichiwa this is not just hello, it is more like good day.
So used typically from 9/10am until evening, for some reason everyone thinks this is just a general hello and you would get some interesting looks if you used this at 11pm for example!

For good morning (used until 9/10amish where it swaps to the above) it is
おはよございます - which is ohayogozaimasu This is quite formal, for a relaxed greeting between friends of relatives you can drop the
ございます - gozaimasu and just have
おはよ - ohayo.
An exmaple of this in english would be rather than "Good Morning" you say to a friend "Morning"

Onto evening time (from 4/5pmish) and we come to
こんばんは - Kombanwa

Finally we have Good Night and this is typically just before bed rather than a goodbye like it can get used in Britain. Therefore usually used only between family etc. This is
おやすみなさい oyasuminasai

So to recap we have morning, day, evening, night.

This shows a few parting gestures too, I will expand on these in my next blog so don't panic on them right now because they are perhaps not just the bye stated on this video.

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